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5 Tips For a Healthy Halloween

October 24, 2019

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child holding a basket of pumpkinsAs a parent, there’s nothing more enjoyable than seeing your little one dressed up as their favorite ghoul or goblin jogging up to a house to collect their favorite Halloween treats. Unfortunately, consuming excessive amounts of sugar over the holidays could put them at an increased risk for developing cavities. While you wouldn’t deny them their favorite sweet treats, there are certain precautionary measures you can take to keep their oral health in good shape. Read on for five Halloween candy tips.

Limit Sugary Snacking

Although it’s going to be tempting for your little one to grab a sweet whenever they crave it, frequent snacking will increase their risk of developing a cavity. After dinner, their saliva production has increased, which means sugar and food debris will more easily be rinsed away. Saliva also helps neutralize acid from sour sweets that could cause enamel erosion. That’s why it’s best to eat indulge their sweet tooth after a meal instead of frequently throughout the day.

Choose Certain Candies Over Others

Certain candies are worse for your little one’s teeth than others. Hard, chewy, and sticky candies expose their pearly whites to sugar for a longer amount of time than say, a fun-sized chocolate bar. Saliva or water can easily wash away the remnants of a Milky Way. However, gummies or a popcorn ball will sdtick to the surface of their teeth, providing a yummy buffet for harmful oral bacteria to feed from throughout the day.

Encourage Them to Stick to Their Oral Hygiene Routine

With all the holiday excitement, your child may become more distracted, causing them to skip essential parts of their oral hygiene routine. It’s no surprise that your little one looks up to you, which is why letting them brush and floss alongside you can keep them motivated to continue taking care of their pearly whites. You can also take them to the store to pick out fun oral hygiene supplies that get them excited about their morning and nightly routine instead of viewing it as a chore.

Keep Them Hydrated With Water

For most families, October, November, and December are filled with family gatherings, gifts, and sweets. During the holidays, it’s a good idea to get your little one a reusable water bottle that they can take with them to sip on wherever they go. That way, instead of turning to soda or sports drinks whenever they get thirsty, they’ll have a sugar-free beverage that can wash away lingering sugar and food debris.

Squeeze In a Visit With Their Dentist

The best way to protect your child’s fragile and developing mouth from cavities is to schedule their routine checkup and cleaning before the holidays. They offer several preventive treatments, including dental sealants, which act as small shields that are painted over the top of their molars to keep sugar from settling on them.

These five tips to keep sweets from causing cavities to develop in your little one’s mouth aren’t just applicable to October! They’re also good to keep in your back pocket throughout the rest of the holiday season. A cavity-free smile will allow them to enjoy spending time with the family without worrying about oral discomfort, allowing you both to get the most out of your quality time together.

About the Practice

At Cambria Smiles, we offer the expertise, knowledge, and high-quality care of three dentists. Each of our professionals enjoys taking care of patients of all ages and giving growing smiles the attention and care they need to remain healthy and happy. We offer children’s dental services, such as fluoride treatments, that will keep your child’s smile safe from common oral health problems. For questions or to schedule an appointment, visit our website or call 805-927-4811.


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